IP Address

If you want to access the admin page, you need to open browser and type in the address bar.

Or just simple click one of those Buttons below.

This should be your local IP Address and Router Admin. It works if you are in the same network as the router.

Note: If the button above does not work, it means that the default gateway used is not the IP address, and you can only open the router login page if you are logged into the same network.

some people type it wrong, like 192.168.16,1

Default Logins for

IP Address

Login Steps for

You need to login to IP Address before you can make some changes on the router’s panel admin. Here’s how you log to that router’s IP address.

  1. Ethernet Cable

    Make sure that the Ethernet Cable has connected to the device. Make it tight, as the loose cable will interrupt the connection. Also, check the router cable that is connected to your device. At this point, keep in mind that wired network is better than wireless network. A wired network will run smoothly as it won’t be affected by slow internet connection.

  2. Use Correct IP Address

    You need to use the correct IP address to access the router’s panel. You can find it on the back of the packaging or manual instruction paper. Type it to the address bar and press Enter.

  3. Use Correct Username and Password

    Last, you can log in to access router’s panel by entering the correct username and password. Most of router brands use ‘root’ or ‘user’ or ‘admin’ for both username and password input field. You can also use the one of the ‘Default Logins’ section above.

Troubleshooting Methods

Hard Reset
You can do hard reset if you forgot the correct password or username. Hard resetting the router will revert it to factory settings. You can do it by pressing the reset button for at leas 15 seconds. And it’ll be back as the new one that comes out of the package.

Page isn’t Loading
Sometimes the internet connection might interrupt the log in process. When the page isn’t loading, it indicates that the internet network is bad for the time being. Wait until the internet connection is stable and you can get your login page back.

Wrong IP Address
Yes, it could happen too. When the page takes a really long time to load, it can also indicate that you choose the wrong IP address for the router. Make sure your network has the correct IP address. Take a look at the right router’s IP Address list and choose the right one.

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