IP Address

If you want to access the admin page, you need to open browser and type in the address bar.

Or just simple click one of those Buttons below.

This should be your local IP Address and Router Admin. It works if you are in the same network as the router.

Note: If the button above does not work, it means that the default gateway used is not the IP address, and you can only open the router login page if you are logged into the same network.

some people type it wrong, like 192.168.311

Default Logins Username and Password for

IP Address

Login Steps for IP address

This is the tutorial to login with the IP address. Make sure you follow these steps if you don’t want to fail to connect the router.

  1. Router Cable

    The first thing you need to check is the router cable. Make sure you plug it to your PC or laptop. Even though you can use wireless network, we suggest using wired to prevent internet-related issues. Also, ensure that the network has active internet connection.

  2. Type the IP address to Browser’s Bar

    Now you need to open your favorite browser. Type the IP address to the bar and press enter. You can find the IP address at the back of the router’s box. Choose the Default Gateway as your router’s IP address.

  3. Use the Credentials

    The IP address leads to login page where you need to enter the credentials. The default username and password are sometimes ‘admin’, ‘root’, or ‘user’. Try them one at a time to know which one works for your router’s IP address.

Troubleshooting Methods for IP address

If you can use the credentials, you can try to type the router’s brand. It will help you to locate the default password and username to access the login page. You will find the brands’ configuration where you can check the router settings. Other than that, you can use one of these troubleshooting methods.

Failed Login Password
If you can’t access the login page with the default username and password, you can always revert the router to factory setting. You just need to push the reset button for at least 10 seconds. It will turn off the router and you make it revert to factory settings.

Page won’t Load
When internet connection is interrupted, it takes time to load a page. As the result, the login page won’t load and you can access it. Check the network to avoid this issue before you make some changes.

Different IP Address
Last but not least, a different IP address will give you problems as you can’t access the login page. Make sure you use the right IP address with the same network to avoid this matter.

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