IP Address

If you want to access the admin page, you need to open browser and type in the address bar.

Or just simple click one of those Buttons below.

This should be your local IP Address and Router Admin. It works if you are in the same network as the router.

Note: If the button above does not work, it means that the default gateway used is not the IP address, and you can only open the router login page if you are logged into the same network.

some people type it wrong, like 192.168.O.1

IP Address

Login Steps for

All you need to do is typing the on your favorite browsers’ bar. That IP Address will lead to the interface of the router.

  1. Find the IP Address of Your Router

    Make sure that you type the right IP address without adding extra numeric or characters. You won’t be able to connect to the IP Address if you type the wrong number. Follow these steps to find your router’s address:
    Windows PC
    Use the IPConfig Command to find the router’s IP Address. Go to the Control Panel and search for the Network and Sharing Center section. Check the Connection tab to find the IP Address of your router. The number listed on the IPv4 Default gateway column.

    Use the Netstat Command to find the IP Address on the Utility Window. Also, you can use the System Preferences to find the correct IP Address.

    You can also use the mobile phone to find the correct IP address by using Advanced Properties on the Wifi section.

  2. Use Credentials of your Router

    It’s pretty simple as you just need to type the on the browser’s bar. It will convert to that will open the Login page. Use the default username and password to login. But if you have changed it, use the correct username and password.

    Once you’ve logged in, you have access of the router’s configuration.

Troubleshooting for IP Address

How to Reset or Revert Changes
It’s okay it you want to change the settings of the router. Just make sure you write it all the changes on the note. When you forgot the changes, you have backup username and password or any other changes on that note. The note is also helpful if you want to reset or revert the router. But if you still struggling to find the solution, you can press the reset button for at least 20 seconds. It will reboot and revert to factory settings where you can use the previous default username and password.

Mistyping IP Address
The auto-correct is the one to blame when it comes typing the IP address. It will auto-complete on a mid-sentence that leads to mistyping. Or when we’re in a hurry, our fingers can miss one or two characters/numbers that lead to typo. Meanwhile on the browser page, it shows a page that says ‘The Page Doesn’t Exist’ that means that you write wrong IP address.

IP Conflict
It sounds strange but it happens sometimes. It could happen to you, if you have more than a router at your house. The IP address might conflict with each other and as the result, you can use both of them. Make sure you set the administrator to static IP address for those routers. It will prevent IP Conflict as you will be redirected to the correct page. IP Address
The IP Address will recognize devices that are connected to particular network. There are two kind of IP Addresses, the Public and Private. The Public IP Address is accessible to anyone. Meanwhile the Private IP Address only belong to device that is a part of the certain network. The IP address is visible to the internet or owned in local network.

In this case, you can use the IP Address to access the configuration settings. But you need to be in the vicinity to access the router with this IP address. Lucky for you, it can work with or without active internet connection.

What Manufacture Uses IP Address?
The IP Address is not quite easy to remember but some manufactures like Huawei, Nexx, Adaptex, 3J Tech and more use this address for their routers.

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