3Com Router Login – Username, Password and IP Address

Default IP for 3Com

Default Logins for 3Com

IP Address

How to Login to 3Com Router

Login to 3Com router is easy as long as you have the correct IP Address. Follow these steps to login to the router:

  1. Link the Cable to PC

    You need to link the cable to your device; PC or laptop. Even though you can use the wireless network, it’d be better if you use wired network. The wired network will prevent errors due to internet issues.

  2. Use Correct IP Address

    Now as you have the connectivity, you can use the IP Address and type it on the address bar. It will bring you to a login page where you can input the credentials.

  3. Default Username & Password

    You can access the login panel once you’ve entered the default username & password. Try the one of many default username & passwords of the 3Com routers.

3Com Router FAQ

I Forgot the Username or Password

You can always try to revert the router by pressing the reset button. It will bring the router back to factory settings. Once you’ve managed to address the issues, make note of the new changes just in case you forget it again.

Why the Page isn’t Loading?

It happens sometimes, usually when you don’t have access to internet. Check the wifi signal or your network and make sure they’re okay. At certain times, most people set the wrong IP address as the default. As the result, the page won’t load perfectly.

I have other Page-loading Issues, How I Cope with That?

Using a different IP address might result the page won’t load smoothly. Make sure that you locate the right IP Address and use the correct one.

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