3JTech Router Login – Password, Username, IP Address

Default IP for 3JTech

Default logins for 3JTech

IP Address

How to Login to 3JTech Router

You have 3JTech router and it means you need to login with the correct IP address. Also, you need to know the default username and password before you can make advance changes. Here’s the 3JTech login steps:

  1. Wired Connection

    You can always use the wireless connection. But for safety purpose, we suggest using the wired network. Hence, you need to connect the cable to your device.

  2. IP Address

    You need PC or laptop with internet network to access the IP address through the browser bar. You can find the 3JTech IP address on the packaging box. That default IP address is the key of all.

  3. Enter the Username & Password

    The IP address is just the path, you need the key to open the door of admin panel. Use the 3JTech’s username and password given to get through the login page.

3JTech FAQs

What if I Forgot the Username or Password?

We suggest to make note after you made changes. It prevents from this thing to happen. But if you forgot the username or/and password, you can try to reset the router to its factory settings. Press the reset button for a while and it will revert to its default mode.

Why the Login Page Takes Forever to Load?

The internet connection is the one to blame if it happens. Give yourself a favor to check the connectivity or network in your area.

I Tried Everything but None of ’em Work

Easy, it’s not your bad day. It takes time to figure things out. The Customer Service Team of 3JTech will be happy to help you. Call them.

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