4G Systems Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for 4G Systems

Default Logins for 4G Systems

How to Access 4G Systems Router

In order to access the router, you can follow these steps and get full access of the admin console.

  1. Use Wired Connection

    You can use wireless connection but it comes with big risk of unstable internet network. As the result, you might not save the last changes you’ve made. Make wired connection for the 4G Systems router to ensure everything is under control.

  2. Use Default IP Address

    Once the cable is plugged in, it’s time to open the browser and use the default IP Address. Find the IP Address on the packaging box of the 4G Systems router.

  3. Use the Credentials

    The IP Address comes with the default username and password. Use the credentials to get access of the admin panel.

4G Systems Router FAQs & Help

Why I Can’t Access the Login Page?

If it happens, it’s probably because you use the wrong IP Address. Always double-check that you type the correct IP address.

I Forgot the Username and/or Password, What should I do?

Try to proceed hard reset by pressing the reset button for at least 10 seconds. It reverts to default factory settings where you can use the default username & password. The next time you’ve made some changes, be aware to make note of it.

Why the Login Page isn’t Working?

This thing happens as the device lost connectivity. Please make sure that the device has stable internet network to prevent this issue.

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