Accton Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Accton

Default Logins for Accton

IP Address

Accton Router Login Steps

You need to use the IP address to access the router panel. Here’s the instruction to login to Accton router:

  1. Router Cable

    First, you need to connect the router cable to your device. If you’re using a PC, plug the cable tightly. Wired connection is way better than wireless as it prevent the error during the configuration.

  2. Copy and Paste the IP Address

    You can always type the IP address to the browser bar. But it’s better to copy and paste the IP address to avoid mistyping. A different number or character will lead you to an error page. It’s because you use the wrong address to access the router’s admin panel.

  3. Use the Credentials

    Each IP address comes with certain credential contains username and password. Use the default username and password given by the Accton router.

Accton Router FAQs & Help Center

How do I Reset the Router?

You can reset the router and revert to factory settings anytime. Press the reset button by using toothpick or needle. Hold it for 10 seconds and the router will revert to factory setting mode.

What if I Forgot the Login Password?

If you forgot the login password, you need to reset the router and take the basic configuration. The next time you want to make some changes, choose username & password that is easy to remember.

Why Can’t I Access the Login Page?

Some people can’t access the login page due to errors. But the most common error that prevent the page to load is wrong IP address. Did you use the correct IP address? Check it just in case you didn’t.

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