Aceex Router Login – IP Address, Username & Password

Default IP address for Aceex

Default Logins for Aceex Router

IP Address

Aceex Router Login Steps

You can follow these simple steps to login to Aceex router. Make sure you pay attention to the small details that sometimes forgotten. Here we go!

  1. Router Cable to Device

    Whether you use PC or laptop, just make sure that you connect the router cable to the device firmly. A loose cable can interrupt the network and this little mistake can ruin the whole process.

  2. Router’s IP Address

    Always use the correct IP address for your router. You can see it on the packaging box of the Aceex router. Type it on the browser’s bar and press enter. You can use the link on the button at the ‘Default Logins’ section of this page.

  3. Router’s Default User & Password

    Once you use the correct IP address, you need to use the right username and password. Most of the time, router use ‘admin’ as the default credential for both user and password. Check the default username and password of Aceex router. Again, it’s on the packaging box. Don’t throw it away!

Aceex Router FAQs & Help Center

Page won’t Load

The page won’t load because you use the wrong IP address. Are you use you use the correct one? Check if there’s mistype or additional character. Clear Cookies and Cache of your browser and repeat the login steps.

Forgot Login Password

If you have no clue about the username and/or password, you can try hard reset. Press the reset button and the router will revert to factory settings. Before you proceed advance changes, write it down on your notes to prevent the same mistake in the years to come.

IP Conflict

When there’s more than just one router in the vicinity, IP conflict will result to an error page. You need to make sure that the IP addresses are static. It will prevent such thing happen.

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