Acelink Default Login – Username, Password and IP Address

Default IP Address for Acelink

Default Logins for Acelink

IP Address

Acelink Router Login Steps

Acelink is one of the most popular router brand in the world. The users grow for the past years. If you are a new user and want to login to Acelink router, check the instructions below!

  1. Router Cable to PC

    First, you need to check if the router cable has been plugged into the PC or device you wish to work. Most people prefer wired connection as it’s more secure than wireless. You won’t be bothered by the slow internet connection during the login process.

  2. Use Your Favorite Browser

    It’s great if you clear the cache and cookies before you login with the IP address. It helps the browser clean from possible interference. Type the IP address correctly or the page won’t load whatsoever.

  3. Default Username and Password

    Almost every router comes with IP address and its username and password. The default username and password for Acelink router is ‘admin’ – without the apostrophe.

Acelink Router FAQs and Help

Most of the time, people can’t access the Acelink router due to disruptions. This time we provide the FAQs from and for the users.

Page Loading-related Issues

There’s two possibility the page won’t load as it is supposed to be. First, it’s your internet connection that might interfere it. This problem is solved as long as you have great connectivity. Seconds, it could be the incorrect IP address. Are you sure you type the correct IP address? Pay attention to the dot ‘.’ or number or character. Mistyping will affect to the page that won’t load.

Hard Reset

You can always try the hard reset and go back to factory settings. People do this as they forgot the username and/or password. Press the reset button for 10 seconds will revert the router to factory settings.

Browser Issue

Other than the IP address itself, sometimes the browser is the one that prohibit to access the admin panel. Try different browser to check if it’s the browser that becomes the middle-man of this issue.

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