Acer Router Login – IP Address, Username and Password

Default IP for Acer Router

ip address

ip address

ip address

Default Logins for Acer Router

IP Address

Acer Router Login Steps

You can access the control panel via web interface where you can change settings. Follow these steps to access the Acer router’s admin panel:

  1. Ethernet Cable

    Make sure you plug the Ethernet Cable to the LAN Port and PC or laptop. We use wired network as it’s easier – you don’t need to know the WiFi password. Plus, it is safer than wireless network. But you can always use wireless network if you think that would help.

  2. Open Browser

    Now you need to open the browser. Find the default IP address on the back of the packaging box. And then write it on browser’s address bar.

  3. Username & Password

    Use the credentials given to access the admin panel. Most of router brands use ‘admin’ for both username and password field.

Acer Router FAQs & Help Center

Forgot Login Password?

It’s okay, and you don’t have to panic. You can reset the router by pressing the Reset button. It will revert the router to factory setting where you can use default password to access the admin panel.

Login Page not Loading?

It could be your Wifi connection that cause this issue. Other than that, you might stumble to different IP address hence the page is not loading completely.

Can I reset the Router by unplugging the LAN port?

Technically, yes. But if you intend to change the password, you need to press the reset button to revert it to factory setting mode.

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