Actiontec Router Login – IP Address, Username and Password

Default IP for Actiontec Router

Default Logins for Actiontec Router

IP Address

Actiontec Router Login Steps

Actiontec is a decent router brand that you should consider. It offers superior wifi solutions for everybody. Before you use the Actiontec router, make sure you know how to setup the router and access the login page.

  1. Router Cable to PC

    Most people prefer the wireless network, but it’s actually better to use the wired network during the setup. It prevents the risk of suddenly being logged off before you save the changes.

  2. Enter the Default Username and Password

    Next, you should enter the default username and password to access the login page. Type it on the address field and then click continue. It will bring you to the admin panel where you can try advance settings.

  3. Make a Note

    It’s okay to change the settings and configuration, but make sure you make note as most people forgot their settings.

Actiontec Router FAQs and Help

People ask a lot of things about the Actiontec router. You might have some questions too. Lucky for you, we have a list of FAQs that will help you tackle the router’s issues.

What if I forget Actiontec Router Password?

You can always revert it to factory settings, which will also reset the password. All you need to do is just pressing the Reset button for at least 10 seconds. Ta da! You can change the password as you wish.

What Happens if I Reset Actiontec Router?

It will go back to factory settings. Also, all the customized settings will be wiped out from the system. Use the backup system if you wish to use the same settings after you reset the router.

How do I Change Actiontec Username and Password?

Go to the Configuration page that you can access by using browser. Enter the Actiontec IP address on your go-to browser. Use default username and password to access the panel. And then go to Security tab where you can change the username and password as you wish.

Why is the Page not Loading?

The internet connection might not be stable enough to support the process. Make sure you have fast internet connection during configuration to avoid such thing happens. Also, you might use a wrong IP address. Hence the page isn’t loading.

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