ADB Router Login – IP Address, Username and Password

Default IP Address for ADB Router

Default Logins for ADB Router

IP Address

ADB Router Login Instructions

Here’s the simple step you can do to login to ADB router:

  1. Connect the Cable

    First, you need to connect the router cable to the device. Do it properly because a loose cable can interrupt the connectivity. Wired network is suggested as it’s safer than wireless network.

  2. Enter the Correct IP Address

    Next, you need to find the right IP address. The packaging box contains information about the ADB router. And the IP address is sometimes at the back of the packaging box too.

  3. Enter User and Password

    Last, use the credentials given to access the login panel. The most common password for the router is just ‘admin’. Meanwhile for the username section, you can leave it empty.

ADB Router FAQs and Help

I Forgot the Login Password

It happens every time. People forgot their passwords hence can’t access the configuration panel. You can try to hard-reset by pressing the Reset button for 10 seconds. It will revert to factory settings and you can use the default credentials given.

The Page won’t Load

There are two possibilities when a page won’t load. The first, it’s the username and/or password is incorrect. The second is because of the slow internet connection. Be aware of what are you typing and check the connectivity too!

Router Stops Working after Configuration

Make note of the current settings before doing advance changes. Most people forgot to write down the default settings and the router just won’t work after some changes. If you can’t change it to previous settings, just to the hard-reset trick.

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