ADI Engineering Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for ADI Engineering Router

Default Logins for ADI Engineering Router

IP Address

ADI Engineering Router Login Instructions

You can make changes on ADI router and set the custom settings you wish. But before that, you need to login to ADI Engineering router.

  1. Use Ethernet Cable

    Wired network is easy and safe. It doesn’t require WiFi password and the internet network won’t affect the router whatsoever. Most people use wired network for those reasons.

  2. Default IP Address

    As the router is connected, now you can open a browser and type the default IP address on the bar field. The IP address is written on the label at the back of the packaging box.

  3. Enter the Username and Password

    Now you need to enter the default username and password to access the admin interface. At this point, you have full access of the router where you can customize the configuration.

ADI Engineering Router FAQs & Help

ADI Engineering is one of the most popular routers that uses as the IP Address. I find people struggle as they encounter error using this router. So I create a list of FAQ that might help those who need it.

What if I Forgot the Login Password?

When people change the configurations, sometime they didn’t think about future. As the result, sometimes they forgot the username and/or password. Lucky for you, the router can revert to factory setting when you press the Reset button for at least 10 seconds. It will give you access with the default credentials given.

Why is the Page not Loading?

Sometimes it’s the internet connection or the incorrect password that cause the page isn’t loading. Make sure you didn’t cross one of those things.

Should I Change the Administrator Password?

It’s up to you. But for safety purpose, change the username and password with combination of letter and numbers. It’s easy for hackers to find password of certain IP address and access their administrator.

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