Adtran Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Adtran Router

Default Logins for Adtran Router

IP Address

Adtran Router Login Instructions

Adtran Router offers device that will ensure you have wonderful connectivity at home. You can login to this router by following these steps:

  1. Set the Ethernet Cable

    You have to make sure that the Ethernet Cable has been plugged to the device. Wired connection is better than wireless network because it gives you 100% safety.

  2. Find the IP Address

    Next, you can find the IP address of Adtran router written on the label at the back of the box. Use the default IP address and type it on the browser’s address bar.

  3. Default Credentials

    Last, you just need to enter the default username and password. Most of the password is admin while the username can be left empty.

Adtran Router FAQs and Help

There’s couple thing that prevent us accessing the admin panel. Like when you enter the wrong username and password, the page won’t load whatsoever. You might stumble upon several issues. But in this case, we’ve got your back!

How to Reboot Device?

You can reboot the device by pressing the reset button. Use paper clip and hold it for 10 seconds. Don’t turn off the device or unplug the cable during this process. Because when you do, it may damage the device.

Forgot Login Password?

If you forgot the login password, you can proceed to reboot the device. It will revert to factory setting and everything will be start at default mode.

Why is the Page not Loading?

You may type the wrong username or password. On the other hand, the internet connection can also be the obstacle.

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