AHOKU Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for AHOKU Router

ip address

ip address

Default Logins for AHOKU Router

IP Address

AHOKU Router Login Instructions

AHOKU router is one of flagship products of AHOKU Company. This router needs a few steps to login and access the interface. Follow this instruction and you can access the configuration panel.

  1. Set the Ethernet Cable

    You can start with the Ethernet Cable. Plug it tightly and make sure it doesn’t loose. Because a loose cable will interrupt your setting process. You can follow this or use wireless network too. It’s up to you.

  2. Open the Browser

    Use your go-to browser and type the default IP address of the AHOKU Router. You can find the default IP address on the label. Sometimes it comes with the credentials too!

  3. Enter Default Username & Password

    Once the login page opens, you need to enter the default username and password. If you use the EEC-230 model, you can use ‘admin’ as both username and password.

AHOKU Router FAQs & Help

It’s common that people find obstacles during their time using router. That’s why we’ve gathered FAQs for AHOKU Router that might help you tackling the issues.

Do I need Internet Connection to Access the Login Page?

No. But your device, either it’s laptop, PC or smartphone, needs to connect with the router’s wifi. That’s where you can open the browser and type the IP address and then use the credentials to configure the advance settings.

What if I Forgot the Login Password?

It happens to a lot of people, so it’s okay. You can do hard reset by pressing the reset button. It will revert to factory settings where you can do the manual setup again.

Why is it very Slow to Open the Login Page?

You might use different IP address to access the login page. If you have two routers at home, you might stumble into a different router network. As the result, it takes forever to load the login page.

Why is the Login Page not Open?

The internet connection might interrupt the login process. Check if your connectivity is fine. Because if it’s not, the page won’t open properly.

Can I Change the Password of my Router?

Yes, you can. You can even do advance settings and customize your DNS. Just make sure you remember the default settings to prevent error after changes.

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