Airlink+ Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Airlink+ Router

Default Logins for Airlink+ Router

IP Address

Airlink+ Router Login Steps

You need to setup the router by accessing the administrative panel. This tutorial helps you to access Airlink+ router correctly:

  1. Use Ethernet Cable

    Plug the Ethernet cable to LAN and the other to your device. Wired network minimize the risk of being logged off when you haven’t saved the changes. But you can always try to use wireless network, it’s up to you.

  2. Open the Browser

    Type and enter the default IP address of Airlink+ router to the browser search field. It will lead you to open the login page.

  3. Use the Correct Credentials

    As the login page is opened, you need to enter the username and password. You can use the one on the ‘Default Logins’ section on this page.

Airlink+ Router FAQs & Help

It’s not everyday we have to setup the router. So it’s okay if you can’t set it up successfully at the first try. Here’s we provide list of FAQ that could help you to overcome the issues:

Why is the Login Page not Loading?

When you have slow internet connection, it will take more time to load the page. Other than that, it might happens that you use wrong IP address.

What if I Forgot the Login Password?

Most of the time, people that forgot the login username and/or password will reset the router. You can do it by pressing the reset button.

What Happen if I Reset the Router?

The router will revert to factory settings, which is okay. And you can use the default username & password to access the configuration setting.

Can I Change the Router Settings?

Yes, you can. Some people decide to customize the configuration settings. You can go to the ‘Settings’ section to change it.

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