AirTies Router Login – IP Address, Username and Password

Default IP Address for AirTies Router

ip address

ip address

ip address

Default Logins for AirTies Router

IP Address

AirTies Router Setup

The AirTies brand has different router models, such as Air 4920v2, Air 4452, and Air 4921. You can follow this instruction to setup this router models:

  1. Ethernet Cable

    We use wired network because it prevent the sudden log off before you can save the changes. To set this up, connect the Ethernet cable to LAN port and your device.

  2. Use Favorite Browser

    Open your favorite browser and clear cache first. And then type the default IP address of your router on the search bar. When it’s done, press Enter.

  3. Enter Username and Password

    Next, you just need to enter the correct username and password on the login page. Use the default username and password from AirTies to access the admin panel.

AirTies FAQs & Help

Forgot Login Password

If you forgot the login password, you can reset the router to revert it to factory setting. When it’s done, you can re-login with the default username and password given.

How to Connect AirTies WiF?

Install and open AirTies Wifi apps on your smartphone. Go to Menu and find ‘My Network’. Choose the ‘AirTies Unit’ and follow those instructions to setup the WiFi connection.

Why is AirTies Router not Working?

It’s probably the Ethernet cable that is not connected properly to the router or device you use.

Why Can’t I Connect to Router Login Page?

Some routers has the Firewall enabled that prevent new device to join the connectivity. Since you can disable the Firewall, you can proceed hard-reset to revert to factory setting.

How do I reset AirTies Router?

Find the Reset button at the back of the router. Use small stick or paper clip to press the Reset button for 10 seconds. That’s it!

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