ALFA Network Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for ALFA Network Router

ip address

Default Logins for ALFA Network Router

IP Address

How to Login to ALFA Network Router

There are many models using ALFA Network Router, such as AIP-W511, AC1200R, AP121, and many more. Those models could use different IP addresses and passwords. Find those and you can login to access the configuration. The following steps will guide you to login to router:

  1. Ethernet Cable

    Plug the Ethernet Cable to the LAN Port and your device. You can use PC or laptop. The wired network is better than wireless in terms of safety.

  2. Open Browser

    Use one of the default IP Addresses depends on your router model. Open it on your favorite browser. It will bring you to the web interface.

  3. Username & Password

    Enter the username and password for your router. Most of the ALFA Network device uses ‘admin’ for both password and username.

ALFA Network Router FAQs & Help

Forgot Login Password

You can always try to revert the router and use default credentials. All you need to do is just resetting the router.

How do I Reset the Router?

Find the reset button on the back part of the router. Use small stick to press and hold it for at least 7 seconds. When the light indicators are on, it is already reverted to factory setting mode.

Why Can’t I Login to my Router?

When you write different IP address or use wrong default and password, you can’t login to your router’s admin panel. Make sure you use the correct username, password, and IP address.

Login Page Fail to Load

When it happens, it is probably the internet connection is slow. Make sure you have stable and strong internet connection to ensure the process flawlessly.

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