Alice Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Alice Router

Default Logins for Alice Router

IP Address

Alice Router Login Steps

Two models using Alice router is IAD WLAN 4421 and WLAN 4421 which uses the same default IP address. To login to this router, you just need to follow these login steps:

  1. Connect the Ethernet Cable

    You need to connect the router cable and make sure it won’t loose. When it’s done properly, wired connection is better than wireless network in terms of safety and pace.

  2. Use Default IP address

    Use the default IP address for Alice router, in this case you can use and paste it on your favorite browser. If it is failed, try to use different IP address from the router.

  3. Enter Credentials

    Next, enter the default username and password to access the administrative panel. Most of the time, Alice router uses ‘admin’ for both username and password.

Alice Router FAQs & Help

Forgot Login Password

When somebody change the password without your permission, you can revert the router to factory setting. This state lets you use the default username and password to access the admin panel.

How do I change my Router Password?

When you have full access to the admin panel, you can change the password and other configuration. Go to “Settings” and find “Change Password” or something like that. Uses strong password and make sure you remember it this time.

Login Page is not Loading

When the loading page is not loading, it indicates there’s something wrong with the connection. Have you connected your device with WiFi? Is it strong connectivity? Sometime the page is not loading due to connectivity issues.

Why Can’t I Access the Login Page?

Maybe you use incorrect IP address.

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