Allied Telesis Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Allied Telesis Router

Default Logins for Allied Telesis Router

IP Address

Allied Telesis Router Login Steps

There are two models using Allied Telesis, you can use the AT-WA1104G or AT-WR2304N. But first, you need to login to your router through web interface. Follow this instruction to login to the admin panel of your router:

  1. Ethernet Cable

    Connect the Ethernet Cable to the LAN Port and device you wish to work. This wired connection is way better than wireless as it doesn’t require WiFi password.

  2. IP Address

    Find the default IP Address of the router depends on which model you use. It is somewhere around the packaging box or manual instruction paper.

  3. Default Username and Password

    Allied Telesis device comes with default username and password. Use correct IP address and default credentials to access the web interface.

Allied Telesis Router FAQs & Troubleshooting

Why Can’t I Login to my Router?

If you can’t login to your router, maybe it’s the password and/or username you use is incorrect. Double check the credentials to avoid this mistake.

Forgot Login Password

When people forgot their login passwords, proceed hard reset to revert the router to factory setting. And then use the default username and password to re-login.

How do I Reset my Router?

You can reset the router by pressing the Reset button when it’s on. Wait until the light indicators are flashing. That’s when you can use router again.

Login Page is not Loading

When it happens, it is probably the internet connection is slow. Check your WiFi to ensure this issue resolved.

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