Alpha Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Alpha Router

Default Logins for Alpha Router

IP Address

Alpha Router Login

Model using Alpha router is AFW-GR50 that requires default IP address along with username and password. Those are the credentials that help you to access the administrative panel. Follow this instruction to login to Alpha router:

  1. Wired Network

    We recommend using wired network to avoid of being logged off suddenly. You can do this by connecting the Ethernet Cable to LAN port and PC or laptop you use.

  2. Open IP Address in Browser

    Next, you need to find default IP address for Alpha device. If you can’t find it on the packaging box, you can just click one of the buttons in the first section of this page.

  3. Enter Username & Password

    The AFW-GR50 uses ‘admin’ for both password and username. It should work and give you access to the admin panel.

Alpha Routers FAQs & Troubleshooting

Forgot Login Password?

If you forgot the password to login to your router, you can proceed hard reset to revert the router to factory setting.

How do I Reset Alpha Routers?

Find the reset button on the back side. And then use small stick to press and hold it for at least 11 seconds. It should revert to factory setting automatically.

Why Can’t I Open Login Page?

Either you use wrong IP address or internet issues arise during the login process. Check those probability to find out which one cause the problem.

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