AmbiCom Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for AmbiCom Router

ip address

ip address

Default Logins for AmbiCom Routers

IP Address

AmbiCom Router Login Instruction

WL151N-AR is the only model using AmbiCom router which also uses as the default IP Address. Find out how to use this IP Address to access the CPanel of your router’s configuration!

  1. Wired Network

    We prefer Wired Network that is risk-free. The internet connectivity may interrupt the process that it could log out suddenly. All you need to do is just connecting the router’s cable to LAN port and device you wish to work.

  2. Use Correct IP Address

    We’ve provided the correct IP address for this router. You can copy-paste the number or just simply click one of the buttons on the first section of this page.

  3. Username and Password

    The username and password for AmbiCom routers is ‘admin’. This simple credentials will give you full access to the router’s control panel.

AmbiCom Router FAQs & Help

Forgot Login Password

When you forgot the login password, you can always use the default credentials to re-login. But first, you should reset the router to do that.

Reset AmbiCom Routers

It is easy to reset AmbiCom router because you just need to press the reset button. When the light indicators are turning on, it should have reverted to factory setting mode.

Login Page is not Loading

Slow connectivity may cause this issue occur. Before you proceed the login process, just make sure you have strong internet connection when you use wireless network.

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