Ambit Microsystems Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Ambit Microsystems Router

ip address

ip address

Default Logins for Ambit Microsystems Router

IP Address

Ambit Mycrosystems Login Tutorial

There are many models using Ambit Microsystems routers, such as T60C237, Orion 3000, and also 60237EUW that uses the same as default IP Address. They are also share the same user and password to login. Follow this instruction to get access to the CPanel.

  1. Ethernet Cable

    Find the Ethernet Cable and connect it to the LAN Port & your device. This wired connection gives you secure process and avoid mistake.

  2. Use IP Address

    Type the default IP Address given or just simply click the button on the first section of this page. It will open in the new page where you need to enter the credentials.

  3. Enter User & Password

    Next, use ‘root’ as the username and password to get access of router’s CPanel. There you go!

Ambit Microsystems Router FAQs & Help

Forgot Login Password

If you forgot your login password, you just need to reset the router and use the default user and password to re-login.

How do I Reset the Router?

Find the reset button on the backside of the router. You need small paper clip to press and hold it. When the lights are turning on, it means that the router has reset.

Why Can’t I Open the Login Page?

When it happens, there must be something wrong about the IP Address. Make sure there’s no misspelling when you type the default IP address manually.

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