Amped Wireless Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Amped Wireless Router

Default Logins for Amped Wireless

IP Address

How to Connect Amped Wireless Router

This is one of the best router brands that offers solid performance. Amped Wireless router is also compact and reliable. Here’s how to connect your Amped Wireless routers:

  1. Computer to Router with Ethernet Cable

    Make sure that your Computer or PC is connected with the Ethernet cable. And check if there’s active WiFi and disable that connection.

  2. Web Browser

    Open your favorite web browser and clear cache. And then use one of the default IP Addresses we provide on the section above. It will open on a new page of a web interface.

  3. Enter Credentials

    Now, use ‘admin’ as password and username. You can leave the username field empty too.

Amped Wireless Router FAQs

Forgot Login Password

When someone changed the password and you didn’t know it, reset the router to revert the device. And you can use the default credentials to re-login.

Amped Router Reboot

You can reset the router by pressing the reset button. Hold it for at least 12 seconds. When it is turned on, you can access the login page with the credentials.

Loading Page Problems

You might encounter that the login page takes time to load. When it happens, it must be the connectivity that causes the issues. Other than that, you might enter the wrong IP address.

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