Anker Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Anker Router

Default Login for Anker Router

IP Address

Anker Router Login Instruction

Anker router has two models, you can choose the Uspeed Dual Band Router 300Mbps or Uspeed Dual Band Router 600Mbps. Both of them require the same IP address to access the web interface login. Follow this instruction to login to Anker routers:

  1. Wired Network

    Setup the wired network by connecting the Ethernet cable to LAN Port and your device. Wired network prevent of being suddenly logged off during the process, avoid unsaved changes and errors.

  2. Open IP Address in Browser

    Open a new tab and type the IP Address manually. Alternatively, click one of the buttons above to get direct access to the router’s web interface.

  3. Enter User and Password

    When the web interface is opened, it requires user and password to login to the CPanel. Use the word ‘admin’ for both username and password fields.

Anker Router FAQs & Help

How do I reset Anker router?

Simply just press the reset button and hold it for 19 seconds. Wait for a moment while the device restart and has reverted to factory setting. It is ready to use when the light indicators are turning on.

Forgot Login Password

As you know how to reset your router, you can do that when you forgot the login password. When it is on, use the default IP Address and credentials to re-login.

Do I Need Internet Connection to Login?

No. Just make sure the Ethernet cable has connected to your device and you can login without internet connection.

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