AOpen Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for AOpen Router

Default Logins for AOpen Router

IP Address

AOpen Router Login Instruction

Only AOI-891 model using AOpen router and this one uses as the default IP Address. If you just got a new one, you need to follow this instruction to login to your brand new router:

  1. Setup the Wired Connection

    Plug in or connect the Ethernet Cable to the LAN Port and the other end to device you wish to work. This connection gives you benefits as it doesn’t need WiFi password, stable, and prevent errors of sudden log out.

  2. Open IP Address on a New Page

    Open a new browser and a new page. And then type the to the address bar and press ‘Enter’. It will open a login page of your new router.

  3. Enter Password and Username

    By the time the login page has opened, enter the correct user and password for your router. AOpen router uses ‘admin’ for both user and password fields.

AOpen Routers FAQs & Troubleshooting

Reset Router to Factory Setting

You can press and hold the reset button to reset the router and set to factory setting mode. Wait until all the light indicators are on before you can try to use the router again.

Change the Default Password of AOpen Router

Go to the ‘Settings’ and find ‘Password’ section. Use the default username and password to verify before you can enter the new one. Keep the password on a note so you won’t forget it.

Forgot Login Password

When you forgot login password, try to reset the router and re-login with the default password even though you have changed the default password.

Login Page not Loading

When this issue arise, check your internet connection if it has disconnected. The page is not loading when the connectivity is interrupted.

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