ATRON Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for ATRON Router

Admin Login
Admin Login

Default Logins for ATRON Router

IP Address192.168.1.1

ATRON Router Login Guide

The only model ATRON router has in the market is RFT-630 which uses as default IP Address. You can follow this step to guide you login to router easily.

  1. Ethernet Cable

    We prefer Wired Network as it is better than Wireless Network. Plus, it is simple as you just need to use the Ethernet Cable to start the setup. Other than that, Wired Network will ensure that you won’t make any mistake during the login process.

  2. Web Browser

    Use the IP Address to open the web interface on your favorite browser. Simply just click the Login or Admin button and it will give you direct link to the default IP Address.

  3. Enter User and Password

    Last, enter the default Username and Password on the blank fields. Use ‘admin’ as user and password. If it is not working, find it on the back of the router’s box.


Loading Page not Loading?

It happens as the internet connection is low. Check your connectivity before you start the login process and make sure it has connected to internet. Also, check the router IP Address just in case it set to the wrong one.

Forgot Login Password?

It is okay to forget your login password as you can always try to reset the router to factory setting. Then you can try to re-login with the default credentials.

How do I Reset my Router

Press and hold the reset button and wait until the router reset automatically. In some cases, it requires at least 4 minutes before your router is ready to use.

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