Axesstel Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Axesstel Router

Admin Login
Admin Login

Default Logins for Axesstel Router

IP Address192.168.0.1

Axesstel Router Login Instruction

Axesstel router models are MV430i and MV440 which share the same default IP address. Now, you can setup the router by following this simple instruction.

  1. Ethernet Cable

    We prefer Ethernet Cable as it doesn’t require any WiFi network and is more practical. Connect the cable to the LAN Port and device, then it is ready to go!

  2. Open a Browser

    Open your favorite browser, copy-paste the default IP address of this router and press Enter. The web interface will appear and this is where you need the credentials to get to the next step.

  3. Enter Credentials

    The username and password for MV430i or MV440 model is ‘admin’. It should be alright but when you stumble to an error, call the customer service.

Axesstel Router FAQs

Forgot Login Password?

The reset button is on the back of the router. Use small stick to press and hold it for a little while. When the lights are green, the router is ready to use.

Why Can’t I Login to my Router?

When you can’t login to the web interface, it is probably the default IP address and/or user and/or password is wrong. Make sure you remember the new passwords when you have changed it to avoid this issue.

Login Page not Loading?

Neither password nor username causes this issue, it might be the internet connection that prevent the login page to load perfectly. Check the WiFi connection to fix this problem.

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