B-LINK Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for B-LINK Router

Admin Login

Default Logins for B-LINK Router

IP Address192.168.16.1

Login Instruction for B-LINK Router

There are many B-LINK device models in the market. One of them is the BL-310R which uses ‘admin’ as both user and password. This model uses IP Address to access the login web interface. Here’s how we can access the administration panel:

  1. Ethernet Cable

    Find the Ethernet Cable and set it up to the LAN Port and device you wish to work. Make sure you do it right because loose cable can cause issues.

  2. Use Web Browser

    We use Chrome but you can choose different web browser to access the default IP Address. Copy and paste one of the IP Addresses to find out which one suits your device.

  3. Use Credentials

    Now use the credentials given to login to the web interface. Once you get inside, you can change the whole settings on the admin panel.

B-LINK Router FAQs

Forgot Login Password?

If you forgot the login password, you can reset the router and try to re-login with the default IP address, user, and password.

How do I Reset my Router?

Find the reset button and use small stick to hold it for a while. Wait until all the light indicators are green – which means that the router has reverted to factory mode.

Login Page not Loading?

Check the internet network when the login page is not loading. A very slow internet connection might slow down the login process.

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