BEC Technologies Router – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for BEC Technologies Router

Admin Login

BEC Technologies Router Default Logins

IP Address192.168.1.254
This IP Address and Credentials are for BEC 8920NE model

BEC Technologies Router Manual Configuration

There are two models of this router you can use, it is the BEC 8920NE and 7300 GT, which use different IP Addresses. But they share the same credentials to login so you shouldn’t have to guess it. And this is how to configure your brand new router correctly:

  1. Setup Ethernet Cable

    We have to connect the Ethernet Cable manually to LAN Port and device, such as PC or laptop. Then power up the router until everything is set. And now we can move to the second step.

  2. Launch a Browser

    Open a browser and copy-paste the default IP Address based on your router model. The web interface will open and this is where you need the default credentials to login.

  3. Enter Credentials

    We’ve mentioned that the username and password for both BEC router models is ‘admin’. Make sure you don’t make any mistake in using this simple word.

BEC Technologies Router Troubleshooting

How do I Reset BEC Router?

Find the reset button and if it is hidden, use a small item such as hairpin to push it. Hold the button for a while and release it. Power it up and wait until the router is ‘ON’.

Why Can’t I Find Router’s Web Interface?

This router has 2 different IP Addresses that you can use based on the model you have. If you can’t open the web interface, you might use incorrect IP address.

How do I Access my Router Settings?

Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Network & Internet’. Choose the Network you are using and click ‘Advanced’. Now you can access and make some changes.

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