Belkin Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Belkin Router

Admin Login
Admin Login

Default Logins for Belkin Router

IP Address192.168.2.1

Belkin Router Configuration Details

Web interface will work just like control panel where you can view the settings and make some changes. This method helps you to login to your router web-based interface using Wired Network.

  1. Prepare the Ethernet Cable

    Use the Ethernet cord to connect to your device and LAN Port. You can use PC, tablet, laptop or even phone. Using Wired Network, you don’t need any WiFi password.

  2. Web Browser

    As what we mentioned earlier, the web interface works like admin panel where you can control everything. You can access it by using one of those IP Addresses provided.

  3. Password and Username

    Keep in mind that there are two IP addresses with different user and password combination. Use the correct one depends on the device model used.

Belkin Router FAQs & Help

Router Stops Working?

You can always revert to factory mode by reset the router. It will change the whole settings into default mode. It works most of the time.

How do I Change Router Settings?

We use web interface to change the router’s setting. Use the IP Address and login with the user and password. Find ‘Wireless’ tab and selecct ‘Channel and SSID’. Now you can change the WiFi name and any other things you want. Click ‘Apply’ or ‘OK’ when you’re done.

How do I Reset my Router?

Press the reset button and hold it for a while. Wait until it’s off and try to power it up. Wait for a moment and it’s ready to use.

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