Billion Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Billion Router

Admin Login

Default Login for Billion Router

IP Address192.168.1.254

Billion Router Login Details

Billion BiPac router offers high-performance experience and is also worth your money. The Billion Bipac router series use default IP Address to access the login page. Follow this instruction to setup your router:

  1. Setup Ethernet Cable

    We use Wired Network which has better connection and no-nonsense at all. Setup the Ethernet cord to the ISP Port and PC or laptop. Turn on the device and wait until the light indicators are on.

  2. Use Web Browser

    Open Safari, Internet Explorer or any other web browser and use the default IP Address to access the login page. This may take a few time to load so please wait patiently.

  3. Use Credentials

    Next, use the credentials to login and access the configuration panel. The username and password for Billion Bipac router is ‘admin’.

Billion Router FAQs

How do I Setup Billion BiPac router?

Open the web browser and access the default IP Address. Login with the credentials, wait until you log in and then click ‘Quick Start’. Click ‘Run Wizard’ and click ‘Next’ to continue. Change the configuration setup as you wish.

How do I Change the password on Billion BiPac router?

Go to Settings and click on ‘Advanced’. Find the Configuration and click on ‘System’. Go to the ‘User Management’ where you can customize the user and password.

Forgot Login Password?

Try to reset the device and it will revert to factory setting. Then re-login with the default credentials so you can access the configuration panel.

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