Bitdefender Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for BitDefender Router

Admin Login
Admin Login

Default Login for BitDefender Router

IP Address

BitDefender Router Login Steps

BitDefender is a sophisticated router that offers exclusive features that will secure the network from malware, hacker, or even virus. This is the one you need if you want supercharged router that will protect your PC, tablets, or laptop. Let’s find out how to setup this device at home:

  1. Ethernet Cable

    Install the Ethernet Cable to the ISP Port and device. Turn on the device and wait all the lights turn into green.

  2. Launch a Browser

    Use Mozilla or any other browser installed on your device to access the web interface. Add the default IP Address to the bar and press ‘Enter’. It will redirect to a new page to login.

  3. Use Credentials

    Unfortunately, we couldn’t provide any information about the default user and password. But you can check the box and the manual instruction should give you clue about the credentials.

BitDefender Router Troubleshooting

How do I Reset BitDefender Box 2 Router?

There’s a reset button and you just need to press it. You can unplug the Ethernet Cable and plug it again. Then try to turn the device.

What are the drawbacks of this router?

The setup might be tricky and the LAN & WAN Port is limited only 1 port.

How to Configure BitDefender Box with personal router?

You can open the Central App and click ‘More’, and then install Protection. Click the Setup BitDefender BOX and tap at Get Started. Now you can turn on the BOX and connect with the WiFi network.

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