Blanc Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Blanc Router

Admin Login
Admin Login

Default Login for Blanc Router

IP Address192.168.1.1

Blanc Router Login Setup

There’s only one model using Blanc, it’s BW-54R11 that we can buy in the market. Find out how to setup the device using the default IP Address and credentials given.

  1. Ethernet Cable

    Wired Network is simple and secure as it doesn’t require WiFi network and suddenly log out. Connect the Ethernet cord to Internet Port and device you use to work.

  2. Open Chrome

    We prefer chrome to run the default IP Address but you can always use different web browser to open the web interface login page. Use which one works best for you.

  3. Enter Credentials

    We couldn’t find any valid credentials for this router brand. But we believe that the device comes with manual instruction where the default credentials written on it.

Blanc Router Troubleshooting

Router Stops Working?

Try hard reset by pressing the Reset button for 15 seconds. Plug off the Ethernet Cord and try to plug it on. Then try to power up the device. Wait until the indicators are green.

Forgot Login Password?

If this happen, try to reset the router and re-login with the default credentials. When you can access the administrator page, change with the new password that is easy to remember.

Login Page not Loading?

The low connectivity might causes this issue. Make sure the device is next to strong WiFi network. Incorrect IP address also can cause this problem. Make sure you use the correct one.

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