Bleuciel Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Bleuciel Router

Admin Login
Admin Login

Default Login for Bleuciel Router

IP Address192.168.1.1

Bleuciel Router Login Details

Only one model is using Bleuciel device and it is the FR350 that uses as default IP Address. You can try these login steps to access the administrator through using web-based page.

  1. Setup Ethernet Cord

    The device comes with Ethernet cable and router. Plug the Ethernet cable to ISP Port and device used. Make sure all the cables are plugged properly before we switch on the router.

  2. Use Safari or Chrome

    Launch the web browser on your device and use the default IP Address to open the login interface. Keep in mind that misspelling or unwanted numbers can cause error in accessing the login page.

  3. Use Credentials

    We strongly believe that you can leave the username empty and use ‘admin’ as password. Otherwise, you can check on the paper instruction where the company must have given the correct user and password.

Bleuciel Router FAQs

User and Password Didn’t Work?

If you can’t find any valid credentials, we suggest calling the Customer Service to get the right one.

I Forgot the Login Password?

Well, you can always hard-reset the device and re-login with default credentials and IP Address. Use Password Manager app in case you need a secure and simple one.

Login Page not Working?

When the login page isn’t working, maybe you use incorrect IP address or slow connectivity interfere the login process. Check those aspects to ensure everything runs.

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