Blitzz Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Blitzz Router

Admin Login

Default Login for Blitzz Router

IP Address192.168.1.1

Login Details for Blitzz Router

Blitzz BWA711 router is one of the most popular models from this brand. Alternatively, you can choose the BWA611B models which shares different IP address. Follow this detail to login through the web interface:

  1. Ethernet Cable

    Setup the Ethernet Cable by plugging it to the LAN Port and PC or laptop. Power up the device and wait until all the indicators are green. Once it’s done, it’s ready to use.

  2. Web Browser

    Open your favorite web browser and copy-paste one of the default IP Address in this page. Only one of them works because each router may vary.

  3. Enter Credentials

    Most of the Blitzz device uses ‘admin’ as the credentials for user and password. Again, each router has different user+password combination to unlock the login page.

Blitzz Router Troubleshooting

Can I Change the Login Password?

Of course you can. Once you access the admin panel, you can customize the password, user, and the SSID. Use credible password to secure the network.

Router Reset Instruction

If you have to reset the device, you just need to press and hold the reset button for a little moment. It will reboot automatically. The device has been reset and it’s ready to use again.

Why Can’t I Login to this Router?

This happen because you use wrong IP Address. Also, check your internet network just in case it lost any connection.

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