Eggcyte Announces Partnership With Jaguar Land Rover

New technology to be demonstrated at Connected Car Expo in L.A.

SAN FRANCISCO - Eggcyte is pleased to announce an investment and partnership from Jaguar Land Rover and its ‘Innovation Incubator’ that will explore using Eggcyte technology to offer advanced capabilities within Jaguar Land Rover vehicles.

“We are proud to be working with Eggcyte, as part of our ‘Innovation Incubator’ program. Launched earlier this year the program encourages, promotes and supports new software-based automotive technologies that are being developed by U.S. technology start-ups,” said Matt Jones, Head of Future Infotainment at Jaguar Land Rover.

“As well as pioneering new ideas and developing our own technologies in-house, we are developing even more collaborative partnerships with the world's leading technology businesses to help enhance the experiences our customers have in our vehicles,” added Jones. 

The Egg is a handheld personal cloud device that makes it easy to privately control, stream and share personal content. Users can create a personal cloud to stay connected with friends and family.  Users can also enjoy movies, videos and music when off-the-grid with the media streamer.

The Egg can extend storage on phones and cameras so users never run out of room and allows users to message others in complete privacy with the ‘chat’ app.

With up to 256GB of storage and all-day battery life, users can wirelessly manage and access The Egg with iOS and Android apps.

At the Connected Car Expo in Los Angeles (Nov. 17-19, 2015), the automaker and Eggcyte will exhibit how In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) systems can use ‘The Egg’ to perform a “Software Over The Air” (SOTA) update and receive a diagnostic log file in a proof of concept demonstration.   

“Jaguar Land Rover is known for producing the highest quality vehicles in the world and we're thrilled the company is exploring how to utilize The Egg to enable new and compelling usages,” said Barry Solomon, Vice President of Marketing and Sales.  “We look forward to a long partnership with Jaguar Land Rover.”

‘The Egg’ begins shipping to consumers in November and is now available for order on Amazon or through Eggcyte.