Good timing?

Last week we started promoting The Egg to a small group of our friends and family via Facebook.  We were delighted with the positive feedback we received and are greatly encouraged by all of their kind words.

Given the news last week about the iCloud hack of celebrities’ private photo’s one of the common bits of feedback we received was ‘You guys timed your launch perfectly’. The scary fact is, we didn’t time it with any particular news event and we don’t have to. 

It seems that almost every week we are hearing about breaches of privacy and data, whether it’s the recent iCloud hack or the revelations last month that Facebook is tracking/experimenting with customers’ emotions to the Target credit card hack and on and on…..

Users putting all their stuff in the cloud is the equivalent of putting all their "eggs" in one basket. If the Basket breaks/hacked, all the eggs break. Better to put your content in The Egg which you have full control over and hackers will be forced to find and break. Being in full control of The Egg allows the user to do a number of things to protect their content, from turning The Egg off, disconnecting it from the internet or deleting specific content.