May Update

The Eggcyte team has been super-busy on a number of fronts and we wanted to give you an update.

First of all, the Egg App is getting better all the time. Our developers have made terrific progress making it easy for you to use your Egg right from your phone. I just took this screen shot from my Android phone and, as you can see, I can communicate with friends and access my Egg content.

We've also got a really cool design for our T-Shirt.  They are for sale here.  Get some for the whole family!

We’re making progress on bringing The Egg to you this fall. We’re reaching out to e-tailers and retailers. Stay tuned for exciting updates in the coming months.

We're also really excited to get our partnership with Jaguar Land Rover moving forward. Here's a shipment of prototype Eggs so they can begin their work:

Help us spread the word about the amazing Egg.  We're looking for Egg evangelists who can help us tell the world about The Egg.  If you are a blogger, journalist or social media butterfly - or you know someone who is - drop me a line at info(at) You'll receive one of our prototype Eggs so you can tell the world about your egg-speriences.

We would love to hear from you.  Chat with us directly from this website or email us at info(at)eggcyte.

That’s it for now.

The Eggcyte Team