Browan Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Browan Router

Admin Login

Default Login for Browan Router

IP Address192.168.1.1

Browan Router Login Instruction

Browan BW1230 router uses as default IP Address. Using this information, you can access the web interface and login to the administrative panel. Follow this guide to setup your brand new router?

  1. Setup Wired Network

    This is the easiest setup ever since you don’t need any WiFi connection whatsoever. You just need to connect the Ethernet Cable to the Internet Port and PC.

  2. Open Web Browser

    Launch your favorite web browser and use the default IP Address to access the web interface. The login page will appear and you have to enter the credentials to get full access to CPanel.

  3. Use Credentials

    The device should come with the manual instruction and credentials info. Use the credentials to get through the login page without any issues.

Browan Router FAQs

Forgot Login Password?

If you have forgotten the login password, you have to reset the router and re-login with the default IP Address and credentials.

How do I Reset my new router?

Find the reset button, then press and hold it for a little while. The router will revert to factory settings and wipe the previous change.

Why Can’t I Login to Web Interface?

When you enter the wrong password, the page will prevent you to login. Check the credentials just in case you use the wrong one.

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