BT Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for BT Router

Admin Login

Default Login for BT Router

IP Address192.168.1.254
Username‘randomly generated’

BT Router Login Details

If you ask ‘is the BT Router any good?’ then the answer is always ‘yes’. This router brand has various models that offer reliable device to support your internet network. Check this detail to get the router started!

  1. Ethernet Cord

    Setup the Ethernet Cord and plug it in to the Internet Port to the device such as PC or laptop. Wired network is hassle-free and secure.

  2. Browser

    Open a browser, such as IE Explorer or Chrome, whichever familiar to you, to open the default IP Address and open the web interface.

  3. User and Password

    The username for this router brand is randomly generated. It means that you have to ask the Customer Service to find out the correct one.

BT Router Troubleshooting

How do I Connect BT Hub to WiFi?

Go to Settings and select Network & Internet. Turn the WiFi on and choose the hub from the list. Fill the password field and click Connect. Now you have to wait for a while.

Can I pair my own Router with BT?

Of course you can, but sometimes it might encounter error for some reason. You can use your own router but keep the what BT has given to you.

Can’t Connect to BT Internet?

Reset the router and check the LED indicators after the reboot. It should be okay when all the indicators are okay.

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