Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1:  How much is The Egg?
A1:   We have two versions of The Egg, with different amounts of internal storage.  The MSRP for $199 for the 64GB version and $299 for the 128GB version.

Q2:  Do I have to pay a monthly service fee?
A2:   No, for the customers that purchase The Egg now, there are no monthly fees.

Q3:  Do my family and friends also need an Egg if I want to share photos and videos with them?
A3:   No.  We've made it extremely easy to share.  All they need to do is download our app (like any other service like Facebook or Instagram).  We've made it extremely easy to share.

Q5:  Where are my photos, videos and other data stored when I upload them to The Egg?
A5:   Your content is stored in The Egg's internal storage (we have 64GB and 128GB models) and never leaves your Egg even when you view it or share it.

Q6:   What is the maximum length of video I can store on The Egg?
A6:    You can store any length video as long as there is storage available on The Egg.  You can fit between 10 - 20 hours of HD video in 64GB and 20 - 40 hours of HD video in 128GB. 

Q7:  How does The Egg connect to the internet?
A7:   The Egg has self-configuring Wi-Fi.  You must connect it to a router or Wi-Fi hotspot.  Once connected, you can use your phone app to access The Egg from anywhere.

Q8:  What happens if I lose my Egg? Is my data safe?
A8:   Your Egg is password-protected so others cannot unlock it if it is lost or stolen.