The Egg

The ease of social media with the privacy of your camera.

Are you constantly videotaping and photographing your kids?

Every moment you capture of your young family is precious to you and your loved ones.  However, not all of your videos or photos make it to social media because they're too private or not "share-worthy" to a wide audience. Confidently share all your videos and photos with your close family and friends worry-free with The Egg.

What is The Egg?

The Egg is a personal server that allows you to instantly share videos and photos with your loved ones, all while keeping your memories exactly where they belong: with YOU.  No mysterious cloud servers, no logging in and out of third-party accounts - Just you, your friends and family, and The Egg.   

Do all this right from your phone using our simple app.

Starting from $129.00, NO monthly fees

How does it Work?


Set up The Egg:
- Take it home
- Connect it to Wi-Fi
- Leave it at home


Download the FREE app:

 - Connect it to your Egg
- Use your phone anywhere


Capture videos and photos:
- Open the app
- Take photos and videos of your favorite moments

- Content will be saved to The Egg

That's it!  You're then free to share your pictures and videos with friends and family by inviting them to your Egg, where they can see every special moment you capture. 


Share only with people you love; no third party allowed!  Your photos & videos never leave the Egg.  With an Instagram-like feed, commenting features, and options to share to other social media sites, it has never been easier to privately show your favorite memories to friends and family.


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Store photos & videos captured on your phone directly onto The Egg, and free up valuable phone space. The best part? Leave your Egg at home and share, stream, store and more from anywhere in the world.



When you store your content in 'the cloud', you don't know exactly where it is, how many copies exist or even who's seen it.


When you store your content on The Egg, you know exactly where it is. It stays on The Egg, even when you view it and share it.