How does The Egg work?


 Connect your Egg to your Wi-Fi router and leave it at home.

Connect your Egg to Wi-Fi and leave it at home.



 Download our FREE app to use The Egg.

Download our FREE app


 Take photos and videos of your favorite moments.

Take photos and videos of your favorite moments.



 Share your stories privately with anyone, anywhere.

Start a conversation.  Share your stories PRIVATELY with anyone, anywhere of YOUR choosing.


See What You Can do With The Egg

Once you've set up The Egg, use our free app to capture videos & photos and share PRIVATELY with those closest to you.  

We've made The Egg easier than ever to setup and to use.  It's like having your own private Instagram or Facebook for connecting with your closes family and friends.

Check out this video to see how it works.

See how you can use the Eggstra app to capture photos and videos on your phone and share them privately with close friends and family

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