Importing from Your Devices

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Another cool feature of The Egg is the ability to easily import content directly from most devices (USB stick, Android phones, iphones, SLR cameras, GoPro cameras, etc.) to your Egg! To begin, simply turn on The Egg and connect the USB cable of your device into your Egg, and plug the other end into your device. CAUTION : The Egg will import all files with valid extensions like .jpg, .png, mp4, .pdf, etc. that exist on the device. If you don't want to import everything, transfer to a USB stick only the content that you want to transfer and then plug this into the USB slot of the Egg.

Step 1 | connect via usb

Connect the USB cable to your The Egg and to your device.

 Connect the USB cable

Connect the USB cable

ios users | permission

Before importing from iOS devices, you will need to Trust the Egg on your device.

  1. Plug the device into the Egg using your iOS device's USB cable.
  2. Unlock your device if it is locked
  3. Press Trust under Trust this Computer
  4. Now you can choose to import All or One on the Egg
 Trust the Egg

Trust the Egg

step 2 | select what to import

A message will display on your Egg that says Import "All" or "One"

  • All - Import all photos and videos from the device
  • One - Import the last photo or video captured using the device
  • You can stop the import at any time by unplugging the USB cable.
  • Charge the Egg after importing while it processes your content
 Import All or One

Import All or One

Step 3 | prepping for file transfer

After pressing All or One the display will return to the main gallery page, with a bar at the top that says Scanning as it scans your device to prepare for file transfer

Once it is done Scanning the Egg will begin to import. The bar at the top will indicate the status of the import.

 Scanning the Egg

Scanning the Egg

step 4 | completion

After you import photos and videos onto The Egg it uses a lot of CPU power to ‘process’ this content to make it easier to stream over the internet. The Egg may get warmer than usual while it processes the content.

That's it! Press OK after the importing has completed!

 Press OK to complete

Press OK to complete

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