A private messaging server and personal cloud server, The Egg is an attractive device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Personal Social Networking Server - The Egg - Series 2

For ALL the videos, photos, website links and comments that we won't share on Instagram or Facebook, but Still want to share with our closest friends/family.

Ready to take control of your content and your life back from Social media? The Egg is equivalent to a private version of Instagram or Facebook where the device is connected at home to your router and you are in complete control of it up to the point of being able to turn it off if you don't want anyone accessing it. You and your close friends and family (that you've invited) can use it to post videos/photos/files/comments that only your group can see. No Ads, hackers, distant relatives, workplace colleagues or acquaintances you barely know. Join our growing community of Egg users or Try the Egg risk-free on us.

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The App is kind of like Instagram and we get fun comments on the stuff that is posted on the EGG - we feel more comfortable sharing and commenting knowing the Egg is private and the comments are only visible to us.
— Bman629 (from Amazon)
We have a 7 month old son and both were constantly trying to make room on our phones after taking so many baby pictures then we found THE EGG!.....The app is perfect for taking pictures and uploading pics directly which saves us a lot of time........the Egg is not only small and powerful but secure and gets the rest of the family involved.
— Nick J

With 128GB of onboard storage, the Egg is a social networking server made for privately sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. Similar to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, when your family and friends are given access to your Egg, they will have a profile and news feed that contains photos and videos posted to the Egg.


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Users of your Egg can share an almost unlimited amount of private, personal and, in some cases, boring, photos and videos of any length. Oh, and since the Egg is at home connected to your Wifi network, it is under your control, unlike Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and you no longer have to worry about your personal info being sold to advertisers or your account being hacked.

 Personal Cloud and private messaging server, The Egg, has been covered by numerous publications.

What is The Egg?

 The Egg is a truly private alternative to social media and cloud-based messaging apps.  Share videos, share photos and have private conversations, all without giving up your content to third party services.

The Egg is a social networking server (similar to an Instagram or Facebook server) that allows you to private message and instantly share videos, photos and attachments with your loved ones, all while keeping your messages and content exactly where they belong: with YOU.  No mysterious cloud servers, no logging in/out of third-party accounts - Just you, your friends and family, and The Egg.   

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How The Egg Protects your Privacy

 When you share your photos or videos in 'the cloud', you don't know exactly where it is, how many copies exist or even who's seen it.

When you send messages and share photos and videos using social media or messaging apps, you don't know exactly where they are, how many copies exist or even who's seen them.

 When you share your photos and videos using The Egg, you know exactly where they are.   They stay on The Egg, even when you view it and share it. 

When you send messages and share content using The Egg, you know exactly where they are. They stay on The Egg, even when you view and share them. 

Protect your Online privacy
Stay connected PRIVATELY with your 'inner circle' of family, friends and colleagues

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