Who we are.

We love the potential of cloud services, but we hate sharing our personal data with third parties.

Eggcyte is a personal cloud technology and services company based in Chandler, AZ and San Francisco, CA.  We were founded by a team of high tech professionals who have a track record of delivering groundbreaking and disruptive consumer electronics products. 

One of our chief concerns is consumer privacy. The amount of personal content such as photos, videos, music, SMS messages, emails, and health data is exploding. Consumers have, unknowingly, ceded control of their content to 'the cloud' in return for 'free' services where companies and the government mine it for commercial, national security, and law enforcement purposes. 

We made it our job to build a better option.  And we’re proud to present The Egg. Now you can share your personal files, photos, music and videos with whomever you choose, whenever and wherever you wish. No third party service providers will have access to what’s yours.  

We want to empower you. Our mission is to provide consumers with a truly private, user-friendly alternative to social media and cloud services for controlling, storing and sharing their personal content.