Our Story

Designing The Egg

Three and a half years ago, during one of our meetings, the team was discussing the trend that home videography and video sharing were becoming ubiquitous along with high-resolution photography and photo sharing.

We realized that, as this phenomenon continued to grow, consumers were facing two problems, “How can I quickly free up storage on my phones and cameras? Where can I safely and securely store my videos and photos but still be able to easily access them?”

We knew that the product would have to:

  • Automatically import photos, videos and other media from any device that has a USB port including iPhones, Android phones, SLR and GoPro cameras
  • Expand the storage of  mobile devices
  • Be accessible from anywhere via an on-board personal website
  • Be accessible locally
  • Include password protection for complete control of user privacy
  • Be easy to set up and manage
  • Come with iOS and Android apps that would let users seamlessly access their Egg from anywhere
 "...imagining the device to look like an Egg."

"...imagining the device to look like an Egg."

During our discussions about this personal repository for all things us, one of the members of the team drew an image on the board, imagining the device to look like an Egg.

As we talked about what this device would do, we kept referring to it as The Egg.

In every subsequent meeting that we had, we kept calling it The Egg because it was much simpler than calling it “the personal cloud storage device” and it felt “right”.

Over time, the name stuck because the team felt that, in nature, “Eggs” are special and we all knew that this device that we had started out to build was going to be special.

 The Egg iterations

The Egg iterations