Version History

Update v1.0.020160517-2
(This update comes in two parts, make sure you are at 0517-2, if your Egg is at 0517-1 then check for another update)

  • Added MTP support
    • (Click Here for a video on how to use this feature)
  • Added Password Lock screen on The Egg
  • Added hide password checkbox on the egg setup pages and now uses asterisks in the password on setup completion screen (previously showed the entire password)
  • Added the following options to settings:
    • “Screen Lock” - enables/disables the password lock screen on The Egg, as well as the password requirement when connecting to a PC
    • “Memory” - enables/disables the memories feature
  • Power management changes
    • Made improvements to how charging is handled by The Egg
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when attempting to store new content after storage reached a certain point

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