What does ACAB mean on TikTok?

ACAB on TikTok stands for “All Cops Are B-mustar-D”. It used by the punk community. Sometimes it followed by dark makeup, hardcore rock, and other far-left sentiments. The ACAB song is also popular on the platform. The ACAB sometimes is written in numerical code with 1312.

The term 1312 on TikTok stands for the numerical order of the alphabet. The ‘1’ means A, the ‘3’ means C, the second ‘1’ means A, and the ‘2’ means B, short for ACAB, All Cops Are B–mustard–D. You can see a lot of creators use the song by searching the ACAB hashtag.


Famous TikTok Slang 2020

TikTok is everywhere. The videos shared cross-platform and now we can’t even spend a day without seeing it. TikTok becomes one of the most-downloaded app on the Google Play and Apple Store. And I’m sure you’re here because you’ve been on TikTok for a quite long time.

You might come across evrey hashtag and trend, which some of them can’t understand. It’s because TikTok ‘invented’ new language faster than Shakespeare. I can imagine he came out of the grave and confused with what these kids say on TikTok.

Thank God you’re here. By the time you finish reading this article, you already knew famous TikTok terms 2020!

  • Simp and Simp Nation

The term ‘simp’ is trending thanks to the TikTok Simp Nation memes. You won’t be able to find the meaning of the word ‘simp’ in Urban Dictionary. It’s TikTok users term to a condition where a boy try to please a girl and he doesn’t get anything in return. It’s perfect to replace the word Friend-zoned.

Simp Nation

When it comes about the word ‘Simp’ on TikTok, you might stumble upon Simp Nation. When you failed to do a challenge for a girl, then you are part of Simp Nation. In short, you join a group of friend-zoned.

  • CEO

What does CEO mean for TikTok? It does stand for Chief Executive Officer, but for random traits. It started when ‘The CEO of [insert skill]’ comments became the most-liked on popular TikTok. And it was a joke!

TikTok Slang Word CEO

CEO on TikTok means that someone who is the best at particular skill or thing. When you great at making pranks videos, someone at the comment section will label you as ‘CEO of prank videos’. In short, it’s a label for someone that great at something.

  • FYP

What does FYP mean on TikTok? You might found the FYP hashtags on TikTok. And couldn’t quite understand what it’s actually mean. There are two explanations for this.

For Your Page

First, FYP stands for Fixed Your Post. It indicates a video was re-posted by someone with their new version of personal view/opinion. It’s like you reproduce someone’s video with your own opinion.

Second, FYP on TikTok stands for For You Page. It’s the first page that appears when you open TikTok app. It’s like a suggestion for the users before they search a certain hashtag. Those who appear in the For You Page getsbigger chance to get more likes, views, and also new followers.

  • The Hype

Hype has the similar meaning with the trend. Hype on TikTok means that most of people on the app thinks a person is great. This person creates new hype, either it’s a dance move, new video format, or create new slang word on TikTok.

  • Story Time

It’s a term on TikTok when someone makes a video explaining what happened to them in another one of their videos. It’s a good follow up method for posters to engage with the followers.

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